meeting room policy

The meeting room is primarily designed for library use, however, the room may be reserved for use by educational, civic, cultural and governmental groups when no admission charge is made. Exception may be made for meetings sponsored by the library or an approved nonprofit educational group or institution for short term classes or organizational meetings. 

Employee groups of commercial firms will be interpreted as educational groups provided management is not using the meeting as a sales or promotional type meeting. Profit making organizations sponsoring an educational program of a nonprofit nature will be permitted to use the meeting room provided the meetings are open freely to the general public. 

In fairness to the numerous groups in the community, the library will not accept reservations for a series of meetings which would designate the library as the regular meeting place for any organization.

The library cannot be used as a place to tutor students for profit. Tutoring individuals on a volunteer basis will be given space when space is available. 

Denominational groups, organizations, or associations affiliated with more than one church, will be allowed the use of the meeting room when no religious services are being conducted. While no group shall be denied access based on the content of their meetings or religious views expressed therein, the meeting room is not designed to be used for regular church services for any one organization or to provide a forum to organize or build membership for one particular church, congregation or equivalent thereof. 

All groups may be required to provide written documents of the above (which may include charter, bylaws, or articles of incorporation or such other documentation as may be requested) to the library administration 72 hours prior to the use of the room.

The library normally will not provide personnel to assist in handling of exhibits and other materials needed by groups using the meeting room.

Profit making organizations and commercial groups will be charged $30.00 for each day (or part of any day) for each meeting held in the conference room. 

If a group is meeting after library hours, it is the groups' responsibility to pick up the keys for the facility before the library closes. The individual who registers for the room on behalf of the group is responsible for returning the furniture and materials to their proper place. Materials or furnishings may not be removed from the room. Groups are responsible for leaving the room clean and orderly after the meeting. Permission to use the meeting room may be withheld from groups causing damage, disturbance, or any other failure to comply with the rules and regulations.